Train Teachers to Be Able to Compile Guidance and Counseling Action Research Proposals

(28/08/2019) Lecturer of Guidance and Counseling, Faculty of Education and Education, Ahmad Dahlan University held a Community Service Program (PPM) with the theme Enhancing the Ability of Guidance and Counseling Teachers in Preparing a Research Proporal for Guidance and Counseling Action. Program participants are guidance and counseling teachers at Muhammadiyah Middle Schools (SMP / SMA / SMK) in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. The number of participants who attended was 28 participants.

This program is designed because of the initiation due to the teacher’s problem that the teacher only pursues research reports, but does not necessarily design or plan research (proportional) from the start of the problem. This program was initiated by guidance and counseling lecturers. The speakers for this program are Agus Supriyanto, M.Pd., Agungbudiprabowo, M.Pd., and Drs. Purwadi, M.Si., Ph.D. This program is also assisted by the Head of the Professional Teacher Education Study Program, Ahmad Dahlah University, namely Dr. Sri Hartini, M.Pd. Implementation of the program in August 2019 for 1 month.

The material for this program includes knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of Guidance and Counseling Action Research or abbreviated as PTBK. Then proceed with the material of Improving the Ability to Compose Introduction from problem identification, formulating problems, research objectives, knowing research variables, compiling background problems, and research benefits. The next stage, the teacher learns to compile a theoretical study with the help of Google Scholar as a reference. Then the teacher learns to compile research methods and research instruments as a basis for self-development. Finally, the teacher studies and compiles scientific publications in the form of scientific ideas from proposals. The results that have been compiled have been presented by the teacher as self-evaluation. This program impacts the ability of teachers to be able to design guidance and counseling action research proposals and applications in schools.