The curriculum has been arranged in a structured, sequenced, integrated, and up-to-date according to the challenges of the current time. The Guidance and Counseling Study Program curriculum is prepared for the implementation of lectures from semester 1 to semester 8.

The curriculum is conducted by lecturers, and curriculum restructuring is carried out once a year for minor revisions and every five years for mayor revisions through internal and external forum meetings of Guidance and Counseling Study Program lecturers, involving leadership elements at the university and faculty levels, as well as stakeholders. For example, the current curriculum was restructured in 2015 through a series of processes that began with a workshop, a vision and mission review, a curriculum review workshop, and curriculum approval. The results of curriculum restructuring were decided that there were 48 new courses needed according to the challenges in the field of guidance and counseling.

The results of curriculum restructuring can contribute to the needs of stakeholders towards Guidance and Counseling Study Program graduates. The applicable curriculum in the Guidance and Counseling Study Program is also published to students and lecturers, to obtain a clear picture related to the suitability of programs and courses, expected learning outcomes¸ teaching-learning methods, and student assessments, as well as being able to fulfill the pre-requisite courses to take courses in the upcoming semester

Specific Requirements of Stakeholder

Needs Requirement ELO
Excellent (Unggul) Having excellence in guidance and counseling services

1. Able to show independent, quality performance and be responsible for the achievement of group work (KU)

2. Able to demonstrate superior competence in the field of guidance and counseling recognized by the community (KK)

3. Able to conduct self-evaluations and manage guidance and counseling services independently (KK)

Global Perspective (Berwawasan Global) Having a global insight into the digital age

4. Able to implement theoretical and practical frameworks for the success of guidance and counseling services in various settings (PP)

5. Able to implement the philosophical and pedagogical foundation as a basis for guidance and counseling services (PP)

Innovative (Inovatif) Innovate in providing guidance and counseling services

6. Able to carry out technical innovations, media, and models in providing guidance and counseling services (KK)

7. Able to utilize life skills required in the globalization era (KU)

Based on Islamic values (Berlandaskan nilai-nilai keIslaman) To internalize Islamic values at work

8. Able to show an attitude of responsibility and uphold human values in carrying out tasks based on religion, morals, and ethics (SK)

9. Able to cooperate and has social sensitivity towards the community and has a spirit of nationalism and a sense of responsibility to the country and nation (SK)

PP = Knowledge; SK = Attitude; KU = General Skills; KK = Special Skills