The standard of facilities and infrastructure are regulated in the regulation of the Minister of Public Works number 30/PRT/M/2006 concerning technical guidelines for facilities and accessibility in buildings and environment and contained in the regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia number 3 of 2020 in section 33.

The Teaching and Learning Facilities and Equipment

The Guidance and Counseling Study Program is located in the C building of the main campus located on Jalan

Ringroad Selatan, Tamanan, Banguntapan Bantul. The building was built on 7 hectares of land with a 33,406 m2 building area. Based on the Operational Implementation Standards (SOP) number: MM / UAD / SB.01 / 01 related to Learning Facilities and Infrastructure Standards at UAD, the facilities to meet the learning achievements of graduates are as follow:


The Guidance and Counseling Study Program has a variety of classrooms ranging from classrooms consisting of 14 classrooms with a capacity of 30 seats; there are 64 rooms with a capacity of 60 seats and 1 room with a capacity of 90 seats. Furthermore, the lecture and practicum spaces become a series of teaching and learning activities and conducting research. The practicum room is supported by facilities and equipment to prepare students in carrying out teaching activities in schools. Lecture rooms and practical rooms have complete, relevant, and convenient facilities and types of equipment for the teaching and learning process. The main objective of lecture and practicum classrooms is to equip students’ skills and independence in conducting teaching and research practices while becoming prospective teachers of guidance and counseling or school counselors.  Beside  face-to-face  meetings, learning  in  the  Guidance and Counseling Study Program  of  the  Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) UAD is also using E-Learning (Online) network with URL (www.elearning.uad.ac.id) supported  by internet speed  which  is  faster  44 times required by national standards.

Seminar Rooms

Seminar rooms utilized by the Guidance and Counseling Study Program of the FKIP are located in various areas of the UAD campus. The seminar rooms that can be used include the Amphitarium room located  on  the  9th,  and 10th floors of  the UAD main campus which can accommodate 500 people, the multipurpose room on the main campus can accommodate 750 people, the multipurpose room on the 10th  floor of the main campus can accommodate 350 people, UAD campus auditorium 1 area (540 m2) can accommodate 1000 people, UAD campus auditorium 2 (324 m2) can accommodate 500 people, campus 2B multipurpose room can accommodate 300 people, Campus UAD auditorium 3 (252 m2) can accommodate 500 people, and Islamic seminar room UAD’s main campus center can accommodate 500 people. The essence of the available seminar rooms and a lot of these, on the one hand, is used as a support in improving the process of learning activities on a large scale supported by a variety of adequate facilities and equipment, and so far the effectiveness of teaching and learning activities are maintained including with a large number of scales.

Auditorium Room

The auditorium room is often used as a learning class and is generally utilized in the form of campus activities that involve many people, such as attending some national and international seminars and other forms of extensive activities with a capacity of fewer than 500 people. Facilities and equipment in the auditorium are very supportive of learning and such activities.

Auditorium On Campus 1st

Auditorium On Campus 2nd

Auditorium On Campus 3rd

Islamic Center Room

Lecturer Rooms (Selasar) and Tutor Room

The lecturer room of the Guidance and Counseling Study Program of the FKIP of UAD is located on the 8th floor of the C building of the main campus of UAD with a total area of 32.56 m x 8.82 m and each lecturer has an area of 2 m x 3 m. The room is used as a place for lecturers to support and improve their performance in supporting the Tri Dharma of Higher Education and increasing their role so that they can bridge the interaction in providing tutors or services to every student who will need guidance. The lecturers’ room is essentially used to develop strategies and learning materials in class and to prepare research and community service. The lecturer spaces can build and facilitate communication and facilitate interaction between lecturers to lecturers and even lecturers to students, both in academic activities and non-academic aspects.

Islamic Boarding School Students of Ahmad Dahlan (Persada Dormitory)

UAD has two student dormitory buildings. This student hostel is called Persada (UAD student boarding school). The Persada dormitory is inhabited by new students and is a maximum in semester 4. This Persada hostel is built based on a policy of creating the regeneration of superior students every year. Persada members, both male and female, have a series of activities with the Islamic curriculum and are accompanied by lecturers who are competent in their fields. For complete information, please visit www.persada.uad.ac.id.

Student Association Rooms and Students Activity Unit

UAD has a variety of activities carried out by students, both related to educational support (academic and non-academic). The room owned by students association and the Student Activity Unit or called the secretariat room, which has a size of 4m x 3m for each student organization, especially the Guidance and Counseling Study Program students. The Guidance and Counseling Study Program has  a  Guidance  and  Counseling  Student  Association  and  an  Autonomous

Orgazation, namely the Student Information and Counseling Center (PIK M), under the name of Sahabat Mentari. In addition, there is also the Art Guidance Counseling Community (KSBK), Counseling Learning Center (CLC), and Football Club Counseling Guidance (BKFC). The activities of student organizations are managed by the Guidance and Counseling Study Program and aim at supporting the educational base. Information regarding activities  carried  out  by  Guidance and Counseling Study Program students  can  be  accessed  on  the  URL  page: http://hmps.bk.uad.ac.id/.

The Library and its Resources

The learning resource center becomes a reference for students of the Guidance and Counseling Study Program in building their character as academics and expanding their knowledge by expanding their literary style. UAD has a library that has been accredited “A” to support student lecturing  activities.  The  library  at  UAD  also  provides free access subscriptions  specifically for students and lecturers to download a variety of international indexed journals. Based on Operational Implementation Standards (SOP) Number: SMD / UAD / SB.05 about libraries as centers of academic activity for the academic community, namely as follows:

Central Library of Universitas Ahmad Dahan

The learning resource center or library of UAD is located at several locations starting from the main campus, campus 1, campus 2, campus 3, and campus 5. Operating hours of service from Monday to Thursday, namely from 08.00 to 17.00. Especially on Saturdays, it opens at 08.00 to 16.00. Library break hours are in effect for 1 hour. The Learning Resource Center (PSB) on the main campus has 34,738 titles, with a total of 101,670 copies. The learning resource center has a progression of  performance  by  increasing  the  number  of  books  tailored  to the  needs and interests of students and lecturers. The learning resource center has many printed literature besides books, such as collections of magazines, newspapers, theses, research reports, and reports on the results of community service accessible on the (http://digilib.uad.ac.id). Every year the library receives a book proposal from each study program and spends according to the availability of existing collections in the library. The proposed book is in accordance with the Semester Learning Plan, and prioritizes the selection of the latest collections in the year of writing. The procurement of books independently also leads to a general collection of non-professional collections such as the collection of Al Islam Kemuhammadiyahan, Pancasila Education, as well as electronic subscription to journals with multidisciplinary science that is in accordance with science at Ahmad Dahlan University.  The learning resource center or library also has adequate facilities and accommodates students based on online (digital library), which can be accessed at (http://perpustakaan.uad.ac.id). So far the learning resource center provides and facilitates and increases student access in searching and deepening their knowledge by means of literacy with excellent facilities such as information desks, lockers, lobby couches, document printing, literacy or computer spaces, OPAC (online public access catalog), reading room, closed discussion room, meeting room, stage, and toilet. The current learning resource center also provides access to check plagiarism of student results or writings to get maximum results by directly sending files in the form of Microsoft Word. Furthermore, the learning resource center is very comfortable for every visitor to look for books that are available with a computer-based barcode and the availability of comfortable seating facilities when reading. Every year the learning resource center gives rewards to students who are active in making a visit either to read or to borrow available books. A learning resource center with a large space and capacity is located on the main campus of UAD.

Ahmad Dahlan Language Centre (ADLC)

UAD has a  variety of  work units that always support student and lecturer productivity achievements. One of them is the Ahmad Dahlan Language Center (ADLC), which is located on the 2nd floor ITC Building precisely in front of Campus 1. Ahmad Dahlan Language Center (ADLC) is a service center in the IELTS and TOEFL workshop references for English language lecturers, students, and teachers. Ahmad Dahlan Language Center (ADLC) has facilities and equipment that are current and supportive  in  assisting lecturers  and  students  of  Universitas Ahmad  Dahlan  in developing English language skills. ADLC helps students develop English language literacy skills by providing language services ranging from skills-oriented courses to language skills assessment. In addition, it promotes scientific discussion and research on language teaching methodologies, language policy, curriculum design, and material development.

The Laboratories and Equipment

Based on Operational Implementation Standards (SOP) Number: SMD / UAD / SB.02 about the Laboratory as a center of learning activities in improving student competencies and skills, in addition to that as research and service activities between lecturers and students, as well as the training conducted are as follows:

Resource and Learning Centre of Guidance and Counselling Deparment

 The Guidance and Counseling Study Program  has  a  unique  learning  resource  center,  namely  the  Guidance  and Counselling Laboratory, in which lecturers and students can be used to support the learning process, research, and community service. The rooms start from the therapy library room, which has an area (18 m2) with a total of 1005 textbooks with 2450 copies of books used as a forum for reading or a biblical counseling process. Furthermore, the rooms in the Guidance and Counseling Study Program laboratory consist of group guidance room (18 m2), audiovisual room (27 m2), classical guidance room (36 m2), group Counselling room (18 m2), individual Counselling room (9 m2), case conference room (11 m2), 1st-floor student discussion room (18 m2), 2nd-floor student discussion room (12 m2), and thesis examination room (12 m2). Some rooms in the Guidance and Counselling Laboratory are equipped with various state-of-the-art facilities and equipment such as LED TV, CCTV that can be rotated 360∘ (degrees), Air Conditioner (AC), Reflection Chair, and some Computer Units that are available to support laboratory facilities Guidance and Counselling. The rooms contained in the Guidance and Counselling Laboratory also become an access door for the implementation of learning activities and Guidance and Counseling Study Program activities and serve psychological tests with testers who have passed the test certification. Additional information regarding the Guidance and Counselling laboratory can be accessed on the website: https://bk.uad.ac.id/.

Multimedia Laboratory

The Multimedia Laboratory is located on the main campus and several other UAD  Campuses.  The  Multimedia Laboratory  is  located  in  the  main  building  of Campus IV on South Ringroad, Tamanan, Bantul, Yogyakarta, which has an area of 170 m2 and has 32 computer units. The use of this laboratory has operational hours that start to open every working day on Monday until Saturday at 08.00-16.00 WIB. Every computer unit used by students is equipped with applications and equipment to support the demands of the learning process in the network (online) starting from hardware devices with a webcam and headphones in each computer unit and software support with applications ranging from Microsoft Office, Team Viewer, Skype, youtube, articulate storyline, videoscribe, inventor app, and others based on google.  This  is  to  support  lectures  Introduction  to Information  Systems  and Technology Guidance and Counselling Services so that students can develop a variety of learning tools (Media-Based Counselling Guidance). In addition, students can also access and download national journals starting from indexed Sinta and indexed international journals (DOAJ, Ebsco, Pro-Quest) and others for free. It is hoped that the availability of available computer units can increase the actualization of insight and knowledge, as well as student technology in supporting implementation and learning during lectures. The management of the Multimedia Laboratory website is still centralized by the faculty admin, who can be accessed on the URL page: https://fkip.uad.ac.id/laboratorium-fkip-uad.

Microteaching Laboratory

UAD, especially those under FKIP, have supporting facilities for academic activities or student lectures in teaching practice to prepare themselves as prospective teachers. The Microteaching Laboratory is located at the Integrated Laboratory of the main campus of UAD. Microteaching Laboratory has 5 (five) rooms with various facilities that support learning activities or microteaching. The essence of the Microteaching Laboratory is used to strengthen the theory and practice of teaching.  Microteaching  Laboratory  is  managed  by  the  Center  for Educational Professional   Development   (P3K).   The  Educational   Professional  Development Center (P3K) has carried out and held teaching and teaching activities in schools known as the Introduction to School Field (PLP) according to the curriculum competence  national  Indonesia  (KKNI).  Information  regarding  the Education Professional    Development    Center    (P3K)    can    be    accessed    on    the    page: http://p3k.uad.ac.id/.

The IT Facilities, Including E-learning Infrastructur

The facilities available at the Guidance and Counseling Study Program to support E-Learning are very well managed and efficient in the success of the field of education and even research. Based on Operational Implementation Standards (SOP) Number: SMD/UAD/SB.03 about the Information System needed to support the learning and research process,as follows:

Informational Systems

Academic information system (Academic Portal) is used and utilized by students ranging from planning studies (theory of courses to be taken), monitoring the schedule of courses taken and the attendance of lectures, knowing the time of lecture payments, recapping the existing transcripts of course with a computer wide area network. The lecturer also has an academic portal that is used as a control course for students that have been taken, besides it is integrated with research and community  service  that  is  managed.  The  academic  information  system can  be known via the URL page: https://portal.uad.ac.id/.

Center for Management of E-Learning and Instructional

The academic and instructional e-learning management center is a service unit that manages UAD online learning or e-learning system with a web-based system that is used to assist students and lecturers in conducting distance learning. Detailed information regarding e-learning management can be accessed on the URL page: https://elearning.uad.ac.id/.

Research and Community Service Unit (LPPM)

UAD has a union institution that focuses on managing research and community service both conducted by lecturers and students. LPPM has a vision of being a superior institution in the field of research and community service nationally and internationally recognized, based on humanitarian and Islamic values for the welfare of humanity. The aim of LPPM is to realize competent and competitive human resources (lecturers and students) in the field of research and community development. The target of the LPPM is to direct and improve research orientation within the Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, which is applicable, product-oriented (soft and hard), can produce patents and other IPRs. The services provided by LPPM can be accessed via the URL: http://lppm.uad.ac.id/.

Islamic Studies Center (LPSI)

UAD has  one  unit  that is the main source of controlling  the foundation  of Muhammadiyah education in each study program or faculty. The LPSI is managed by Muhammadiyah cadres, who are also lecturers. The purpose of services provided in the form of spiritual activities or religiosity to students. The form of activities such as the formation of Al Islam Kemuhammadiyahan character education. In addition, LPSI also becomes a quality institution for studying, carrying, and practicing Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan to realize higher education institutions imbued with Islamic values. LPSI uses the Islamic Center, which is not only used as a place of worship for lecturers, students, employees, or the general public. This Islamic Center is used as a place for formal and informal scientific meetings. The mosque is also used as education and learning in the form of activities such as the Quran takhsin and as a medium for preaching fastabiqul khairat. Each mosque is under the supervision of the UAD Center for Islamic Studies. For more information, visit the URL page: http://lpsi.uad.ac.id/.

Area Hotspot

UAD provides hotspot facilities supported by high bandwidth, so it much helps students and lecturers to access the internet easily and quickly with a laptop on campus. UAD’s current bandwidth capacity is 795 Mbps, and with 25,239 students, 702 lecturers, 376 employees, can provide a bandwidth of 37.8 kbps user capacity. With this condition, UAD has provided a bandwidth of 44 times the standard set by Kemeristekdikti. Log in access to the hotspot can be accessed on the page (localhost) URL: http://hotspot.uad.ac.id/.

Sports Field and Art Space

UAD campus has a variety of sports facilities to support student activities in the field of sports, such as volleyball court, basketball court, wall climbing, martial arts arena, and so forth. Facilities such as art spaces such as the Amphitarium are used as a venue for students’ art performances, which are packaged in the form of a large stage. There is a music studio and mini recordings managed by the UAD Music Arts Student Activity Unit. Various sports and arts facilities built to support the talents and interests of students in developing academic and non-academic souls while on the campus of UAD.

Sports Field

Music Art


UAD also has a cooperative space called the ADI Koperasi. ADI Koperasi provides services to the entire academic community of UAD, starting from lecturers and students.  ADI  Koperasi  has many  services,  one  of which  is integrated  with Minimarket on each campus of UAD, such as selling various basic daily needs, canteen, and event tickets. The complete ADI Koperasi can be seen on the URL page: http://koperasiadi.uad.ac.id/.

The parking area and security unit (security)

Parking service facilities provided by UAD are very varied, ranging from the parking of bicycles, motorbikes, and cars. UAD has an adequate parking area for the continuity of vehicle placement with the nature of regular guarding by the UAD campus parking manager. Some existing parking area service facilities are adequate with the installation of canopies and CCTV to protect and secure vehicles that are parked for safety. Meanwhile, the Security Guard (Security Unit) is an officer who provides services and works in the context of organizing and regulating the course of order and security within UAD, in order to prioritize the convenience and discipline of the disciplines that apply at each UAD campus. Security guards on duty have regular or shift schedules that are set every day to provide optimal service in the safety and comfort of the environment at the UAD academic community.