New students are introduced to campus life in a one-week program called the Campus Recognition Program (P2K), which is managed jointly by UAD, FKIP, and the Guidance and Counseling Study Program so that they become familiar with the new academic environment. In addition, the lecturer is assigned as an academic advisor to a group of students and is responsible for assisting students in planning their studies. The detailed task of an academic advisor can be found in the Rector’s Decree. Academic advisors are assigned to groups of students with a ratio of 1:45.
To help and prevent students from having problems in the academic field, Guidance and Counseling Study Program facilitates scheduled academic guidance for students conducted by academic advisors through a guidance card or academic guidance book. The academic guidance process is regulated in the UAD academic guidance standard. The implementation of academic guidance in one semester is carried out at least three times. The desired expectation of the academic guidance process is to be able to handle problems that occur to students quickly and successful.
Co-curricular activities at Guidance and Counseling Study Program consist of the Guidance and Counseling Arts Community (KSBK), Counseling Learning Center (CLC), PIK-M Sahabat Mentari, Guidance and Counseling Football Club (BKFC), Guidance and Counseling Students Association (HMPS BK), and English Club. These activities can be selected by students according to their talents and interests so that students can develop their talents and interests. This activity provides experience in many useful media, out of the scientific field of guidance and counseling.