Peace Guidance and Counseling at Hein Namotemo University

(Tuesday, 24/09/2019) Lecturer of Study Program Guidance and Counseling, Faculty of Teaching and Education, Ahmad Dahlan University held Community Service activities through a public lecture at Hein Namotemo University, North Maluku. This activity is part of the dissemination of research funds from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. The public lecturer was Agus Supriyanto, M.Pd. and accompanied by Hardi Prasetiawan, M.Pd. Community service activities were carried out on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at the Hein Namotemo University Seminar Room. Public lecture participants are all Guidance and Counseling Students and Lecturers, Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences, Hein Namotemo University.

The theme of the service activity is Peace Guidance and Counseling. This theme was raised because of the widespread behavior of aggression that emerged in Indonesia during the Presidential General Election. Aggressive behavior that appears in various forms, namely verbal, physical, anger, or hate. The peace guidance and counseling model is applied through classical and group peace guidance mechanisms, as well as individual and group counseling. The public lecture also implements peace counseling activities and is evaluated with students and lecturers of guidance and counseling at Hein Namotemo University.