Leadership and Professionalism Training for Akademi Kebidanan Mulia Madani Students

(31/12/2020) Lecturers of the Study Program Guidance and Counseling Universitas Ahmad Dahlan carry out community service in the form of basic leadership training in the Akademi Kebidanan Mulia Madani Yogyakarta for the Academic Year 2020/2021. This activity was carried out at the Akademi Kebidanan Mulia Madani in Yogyakarta. This activity was attended by 35 students who are members of the Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Akademi Kebidanan Mulia Madani. Leadership skills are basic skills that need to be possessed in organizations. On this occasion, Ulfa Danni Rosada, M.Pd. as a lecturer representative for the guidance and counseling study program provided material with the theme “Leadership Mental Health”. It is hoped that from these activities students will have a clearer understanding of several leadership styles and evaluate themselves to identify the type of leadership each student has. The training also emphasized that a leader needs to have mental health by being a leader with character, high integrity, upholding morals and norms that apply in society and having responsibility.