Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction in the Opak River Fault, Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman

(20/12/20) Lecturers of the BK Study Program, FKIP, UAD carry out Community Service Program (PPM) activities which are carried out by methods of counseling, workshops, mentoring, independent assignments, and simulations. Activities are carried out online and face-to-face, given the Covid-19 pandemic. This community service program involves administrators of the Muhammadiyah branch of Berbah Sleman District and the village of Jogotirto Berbah Sleman.

Given the Covid-19 pandemic, on the recommendation of the Jogotirto Urban Village, the activities that were attended by representatives of the Jogotirto Youth Organization were carried out online and face-to-face by following health protocols. The material presented includes basic disaster management, introduction to earthquake disaster risk reduction, training in disaster risk assessment practical skills, and so on. This Community Service Program is supported by the Muhammadiyah Branch Leader (PCM) Berbah and the Jogotirto Berbah District Headquarters, Sleman.

One of the main indicators of the success of this community service program is the emergence of a new understanding of the concept of community-based disaster risk reduction. In addition, an action plan for a community was compiled to be more responsive to the occurrence of an earthquake due to a shift in the Opak fault in Jogotirto Sub-district, Kapanewon Berbah, Sleman Regency.