Guru Besar Prodi BK UAD Raih Top 1st Indonesia Scientist 2022


Prof. Dr. Suharsimi Arikunto
(Guru Besar Prodi BK UAD)

TOP 1st

Indonesia Scientist 2022

According to AD Scientific Index updated 31/01/2022

Daftar Prodi BK FKIP UAD | PMB UAD:
@pmb_uad | 0853 8500 1960 | 0856 267 1960

Program Studi Bimbingan dan Konseling FKIP UAD
“Unggul, Inovatif, Dijiwai Nilai Islam”

Official Prodi BK UAD :
Website :
Email :
Instagram : @prodibkuad
Youtube : Prodibkuad
Facebook : Prodibkuad
Tiktok: @prodibkuad

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