The Guidance and Counseling Study Program UAD using the Student-Centered Learning (SCL) approach. This approach emphasizes the active involvement of students, student responsibilities in the learning process, and the role of lecturers as facilitators. Through this approach, students can gain a deeper understanding and be able to apply theory into practice to achieve lifelong learning. The educational philosophy is well articulated and communicated to students, lecturers, support staff, students’ parents, and stakeholders through brochures, websites, Campus Introduction Programs, and Counselling Camp.
The application of the SCL approach to the Guidance and Counseling Study Program focuses on the Active Learning For Higher Education (ALFHE) model. In order to support the success of learning in classrooms based on active learning, teaching staff should take part in ALFHE training organized by the University. Some learning models that are used and refer to ALFHE include problem-based learning, experiential learning, role play, games, case studies, jigsaw, and computational rigorous mathematics thinking. The learning models, as well as learning materials for each meeting, are written clearly in the Lesson Plan.