Program Kampus Mengajar BK UAD

Teaching Campus: BK UAD Students Are Ready to Serve

BK UAD (13/03/2021) – As many as 37 students of the Study Program Guidance and Counseling have passed the Teaching Campus Program for grade I in 2021. The teaching campus is one part of teaching activities in schools in the independent campus program. Teaching campuses are implemented as a form of learning solution during a pandemic. This program is devoted to Elementary Schools in 3T areas (Frontier, Remote, and Disadvantaged). Students are expected to be able to strengthen literacy and numerization learning and become partners in making innovations in learning.

UAD BK Study Program, fully supports Lecturers and Students in this prestigious event. One of the supports was by holding an internal level socialization on 18/02/2021 through the Zoom Meeting. This program received a warm welcome from students as seen in the large number of socialization participants totaling 234 students.

The Enthusiasm of the Teaching Campus activities was also felt by the Guidance and Counseling Lecturers. Evidenced by 10 Congratulations to serve the lecturers and students of the Guidance and Counseling study program who have passed. Congratulations on contributing as an agent of change for Indonesian education.